Can you tell something about the word Synchrodogs? What does it mean?

Take it all literally, both “synchro” and “dogs”.

When did you start working together?

We used to answer “3 years ago”, but now I see it’s almost four.

Do you both also have other collaborations or do you work alone on other projects?

We never work separately as we just hang out together all the time. Two people is quite much for a team, if one of us has the idea we think it over and build into a better one.

In many of your photos you play with religious and cultural elements from the Ukraine. Are you religious or do you have a mystic reference in live?

We do believe there is God that keeps everything going as it is and helps if you sincerely ask, but we barely believe in Church partly considering it some kind of fanatic institution.

How is your relationship to the Ukraine?

Ukraine gives us all the resources to shoot – weird people, kitchy lifestyles, unsure locations, which we are grateful for. Moreover, this country partly brought us up, made us consider “sleeping on the floor” or “sing a fork instead of door-handle” to be absolutely normal.

What projects are you currently working on?

The project we are working on deals directly with Ukrainian people, but no details until it is published.

Can you tell something about future projects? Do you have any plans? What would you like to do?

We set no plans as we never know what happens tomorrow, we spend many days in trains now looking for the victims to shoot and this fact itself brings us into a great adventure.

In your series for the Anna October campaign you are working not purely photographically. Can you tell something about the way you worked with the image afterwards? Is this attached stuff part of the Anna October creations?

We wanted to make the collection look like if it was created for a boyish girl that still remains girlish, visual elements are added to catch her immodest nature, her slender and unpredictable spirit.

Tania & Roman, thank you for the interview.