Kristie Muller

Can you tell us something about your background? Where were you born and where do you live?

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I grew up in Ontario and have spent the last five years in Toronto, with some stints in New York. I’m currently hiding out in my hometown, which is an hour outside of Toronto. It’s called Kitchener Waterloo.

Two of your photos from your portfolio are of naked girls with laptops. Does being naked while using the computer have a special meaning to you?

That was never an intentional theme. No cyber sex. I have a love hate relationship with fashion and I find sometimes I prefer nudity in certain photos because clothes can sometimes date or put other limitations on an image.
I like the clean lines that a lack of clothing on the body can encourage. With regard to the computers, I’ve been obsessed with the Internet since I was young and am drawn to the aesthetic of outdated laptops, phones and other devices. In some instances I think I treat these items as fashion accessories and eliminate clothing in an attempt to have all of the focus on the technology or other content within the image.

Which special time period of devices are you hooked on?

Probably right now. Tablets are hilarious looking.

Tumblr seems to be a melting pot for such aesthetics. Are you an active Tumblr user?

I don’t have Tumblr, but I always get led there. It’s so huge. If it had been around when I was younger I know I would’ve been addicted to it.

Is privacy, especially related to the web, a topic that you are concerned with?

I’m pretty concerned with my lack of concern. My twitter can get pretty candid.

Your photos sometimes seem pretty close to your own life. How much is arranged and how much is a documentation of your private surroundings.

The way I take pictures is a combination of both. Sometimes I’ll get a specific idea that I’ll try to achieve, but I don’t usually set out with the intention of staging something directly. It’s more like tweaking and manipulating my surroundings into smaller isolated pieces of what’s really there.

What does the night and nightlife mean to you? You also seem to be a friend of night swimming.

I’ve been hiding out so I don’t have much of a nightlife these days. I love swimming at night.

What are your plans for the future? Any exhibitions or publications planned?

I have a book coming out with Steel Editions in Milan in 2 months. I’m hoping to have an exhibition with the book release.

Why are you hiding out in your hometown outside of Toronto?

I guess I’m not literally in hiding, just looking for something different. I’m moving to a new city in 2 weeks.